About Us

Faithful America is the largest and fastest growing online community of Christians putting faith into action for social justice. Dedicated to reclaiming Christianity from the religious right, our members are sick of sitting by quietly while Jesus' message of good news is hijacked to serve a hateful political agenda. We're organizing the faithful to take on right-wing extremists and renew the church's prophetic role in building a more free and just society.

A few of our recent successes:

  • A New York Times September 2012 editorial endorsed our members’ challenge to the nation's top Catholic bishop, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, to crack down on partisan political activity in his parishes.
  • In a state that’s long been synonymous with the religious right’s political power, the Kansas Speaker of House was caught forwarding an email that asked his friends to pray for the death of President Obama. When 35,000 Faithful America members demanded he resign, our petition made headline news in every outlet in the state and forced him to offer a series of embarrassing public apologies that doubtless contributed to his June 2012 decision not to run for reelection.
  • After local clergy delivered over 100,000 petition signatures in July 2012, the public television system in Alabama, under the control of right-wing political appointees, reversed its plans to air a bogus documentary presenting the religious right's twisted retelling of American history.